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10A LED Strip Driver

In modern world as we are becoming more and more environment conscious, we are moving towards more and more environment friendly solutions so instead of wasting energy on the halogen and incandescent bulbs we are shifting to LED which are much more energy efficient and provide easy on eyes color temperature. For indoor lighting and decorative purposes, we can use LED Strips as it has supply voltage of 12V you can power it with small lead acid battery of 12V or even with small lithium ion battery if you want to use it for a long time on single charge. If you don’t want it to be portable and power the Strip directly from a wall socket you can use this AC to DC converter to power the device by directly plugging into the wall socket


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It can supply 12Vdc supply with a maximum current supply of 10A which amounts to 36W of power supply. It supplies power with the help of switched mode converters. You can also use this SMPS setup to power your 12V setups which you might require to power switches,,

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10A LED Strip Driver

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DC 12V